As parents, we strive to do the best for our children, and this car seat cover is something that can be an important part of achieving that goal!

Our waterproof Kids Cool Covers not only keep your child’s car seat cool or warm, but they offer mess protection and are easily cleaned!



Pocket for Cold/Hot packs, which are inserted when your child is not in the seat.

Our Kids Cool Covers are Soft/Sturdy. Our covers are made out of 11oz waterproof Canvas British Millerain.

Our Cold/Hot packs are made with non-toxic gel; brought to temperature by freezing, microwaving or boiling.

The packs are reusable, latex free, and remain in a soft gel state to help ensure flexibility even when frozen.

These packs are designed for repeated use and clean easily with soap and water.

Covers only – does not include the actual car seat